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    Originally developed in the 1980's by Dr Teruo Higa, Japan, EM or Effective Microorganisms is a revolutionary probiotic technology that is used in over 130 countries around the world and has now been developed into a number of different products. The use of these products goes from strength to strength, proving to be a viable and sustainable alternative to the use of household and industrial chemicals or other technologies.

    Scientists are increasingly beginning to recognise the power of benefical microorganisms to help restore and regenerate the environment and us, rather than using chemicals, drugs or other technologies. Dr Teruo Higa is a pioneer for harnessing the power of EM or Effective Mcroorganisms which he developed after suffering from chemical sensitivities whilst working in agriculture and thinking there must be a better way.

    After much testing, EM or Effective Microorganisms was borne, a collection of approximately 80 different types of beneficial bacteria, fungi and yeasts which occur naturally in the environment, many of them are already used in the food industry and they work together in a symbiotic relationship to keep the environment and us disease free.

    "In the twentieth century, the nations of the world cut down forests, depleted nutrient-rich soils with chemical inputs, increased the number of incurable diseases by ingesting toxic chemicals, destroyed the natural environment through acid rain, and created an encourages the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

    The root causes of the pressing problems confronting the human race are all related to these actions. Everyone, even those who have not done anything bad, must now worry about environmental contamination, potential food shortages and detoriating health, and all because our social structure encourages oxidation through pollution-generated free radicals. But there is no need to be pessimistic. My message is simple: if everyone used EM, the environment could be cleansed without special effort, food production would vastly increse and health would be restored. This is the principle I wish to convey to the world"

    Quote taken from 'Our Future Reborn' by Dr Teruo Higa.